viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

On the road

AKA Travelling February

Voy a hacer un copia/pega del texto que escribí en Tumblr, de donde he guardado todas estas imágenes de caminos. Este mes toca hacer camino al andar, como dice Serrat.

El libro homónimo a la entrada nunca lo leí, ¿está bien?

Hi guys! Just wanted to tell you I’ll be off most of this month of February due to some trips I’m gonna make. Tomorrow I’ll fly to Milan (Italy), then to Sofia (Bulgary), then Istanbul (Turkey) and back to Oporto (Portugal) the 20th. Few days in Braga, the city were I’m studying, and from the 23rd to 28th I’ll be in Spain within a family trip with my father and sister.

So, looks like a mighty enjoyable time, isn’t it?

Take care, I will



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